HARRIS TUVEY OfficeHARRIS TUVEY designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for major semiconductor manufacturers.

Partial Discharge Testing — currently serving a 600-unit worldwide installed base.


HT 9460 and 9464 High Voltage Isolation Test Systems

Measuring micro-amp leakage at voltages up to 7KV RMS and partial discharges to an accuracy of 1 Pico coulomb, these systems are the standard by which the optocoupler semiconductor manufacturers test and guarantee the VDE-0884 seal of approval.

More about the 9464 High Voltage Isolation Test System


The Harris Tuvey model 9464 has the following certifications:

  • VDE 0.0884. This is the recognized International standard for photo electronic testing of semiconductors.
  • CE
  • UL for specific components

Our HT Partial Discharge testing equipment is VDE compliant. Standard semiconductor testing equipment typically tests for parametric and/or digital failure; but not for partial discharge. A good device could eventually display partial discharge failure mode. Partial discharge can be tested with our HT 9464 equipment.

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Ignore Detection of Partial Discharge Failures NOW — Pay Massive Amounts Later!

High Voltage Isolation devices, such as optocouplers, can contain defects within their dielectric barrier yet still pass testing on traditional Hi-Pot/ATE test equipment.
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