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HT-World, Morgan Hill, CA

HARRIS TUVEY designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for major semiconductor manufacturers.

Partial Discharge Testing — currently serving a 500-unit worldwide installed base.


HT 9460 and 9464 High Voltage Isolation Test Systems

VDE Certified*

Commander Accelerator-100 High Speed Programmer

Measuring micro-amp leakage at voltages up to 7KV RMS and partial discharges to an accuracy of 1 Pico coulomb, these systems are the standard by which the optocoupler semiconductor manufacturers test and guarantee the VDE-0884 seal of approval.

More about the 9464 High Voltage Isolation Test System

Our HT Partial Discharge testing equipment is VDE compliant. Standard semiconductor testing equipment typically tests for parametric and/or digital failure; but not for partial discharge. A good device could eventually display partial discharge failure mode. Partial discharge can be tested with our HT 9464 equipment.

Ignore Detection of Partial Discharge Failures NOW — Pay Massive Amounts Later!

High Voltage Isolation devices, such as optocouplers, can contain defects within their dielectric barrier yet still pass testing on traditional Hi-Pot/ATE test equipment.
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*International safety testing certification organization of the electronic and electronic parts and components industry.

The HSP is a low overhead system designed to test Flash Memories, PLA's and Micro-controllers, and can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into the Commander handler to test up to 16 devices in parallel. Click here to learn more...

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